Dragon Front

Dragon Front is an immersive collectible card game battler built for Virtual Reality and available now on Oculus Rift and Gear VR. Construct your deck and challenge online opponents. The entire 4x4 grid battlefield is alive with mobile squads, rampaging giants, intimidating war machines, soaring projectiles, and fire-breathing bombing runs. Mobilize atop your stronghold and launch your forces across the frontlines - history is about to won!

Developer Update Notes


Update as of April 18th, 2017

  • New Masks available in the in-game store!
    • New masks available in the game store can be applied to Factions that have reached level 10 and higher.
  • Mysterious Portals have appeared, and there is something inside!
    • Something is being transported from the other side. Enter the portal and play multiplayer matches to bring it closer to you.
  • Deep discounts and rare items with new Flash Sale feature!
  • AI improvements! Now with more I !



Update as of April 11th, 2017

  • Merc Platoon now has 3 mana fragments (was 2 mana fragments)

Update as of April 4th, 2017

  • Gear VR Controller now compatible!
  • Double Gold/Double XP event bugs squashed.
  • Fix for Unwanted Crawlers bug shifting and revealing stealthed units
  • Fix for Gajji Necromancer not spawning Stygians in the first tutorial
  • *Card Change* Merc Platoon: Was: 4 mana ¾ - Now: 5 mana 3/3
  • Merc Platoon is scrapable for its full forge value for next 2 weeks


Update as of March 14th, 2017


  • Delirium Faction now available!

  • Touch Controls now available on RIFT!
  • Large units are hidden when trying to look behind them on Gear VR
  • Added functionality for going forward/back between starter tutorials and starter faction purchase
  • Added sounds for Champion flybys


Card Changes:

  • Canopy Goliath – END OF TURN: If this unit is in Ally Territory, gain +1/+1.
    • Formerly START OF TURN
    • We felt that an Epic Thorns card should not be so easily removed from the board. Changing the END OF TURN to START OF TURN, gives it more staying power without effecting the spirit of the card.
  • Netherworld Guardian – SPAWN: HUSH all non-Champion enemy units in this lane.
    • Formerly HUSHed all units including Champions
    • It really isn’t fun to have your Champion HUSHED, without a viable counter-play. Champions are meant to be game changers, and provide a decent comeback mechanic. This is still a solid 6/6 unit for 8.
  • Terrene Menders – SHIFT. END OF TURN: HEAL ally units 1 in this lane.
    • Formerly did not include SHIFT
    • As part of Essence, we felt SHIFT adds a great amount of value to a back row healing unit, considering he only heals for 1.
  • Divebomb Griffin – FLIGHT. This unit has +2 Power versus the enemy Stronghold.
    • Formerly had +2 Power against non-flight units as well.
    • There are so many reasons for nerfing this card. First off all, it was poorly designed. It looked like a 4/4 Flight unit, but in almost every regard it was a 6/4, unless the opponent blocked with another Flight unit. Even then, the bonus damage wasn’t need to killed 85% of the game’s Flight units. We moved this card in-line with the Blazing Ram by just giving its Power bonus to Stronghold attacks.
  • Esoteric Rebuttal – Damage the enemy Stronghold equal to the Mana Fragments of the last ally unit killed this turn. This spell's cost is equal to the unit's Mana Fragments.
    • Formerly damaged the enemy stronghold equal to the mana fragments received during the turn. The spell’s cost was also equal to the damage.
  • Listening Post – TRAP: Gain a copy of a random card from the opponent’s deck.
    • Formerly: TRAP: Owner of this fort: DRAW 1.
    • This fort is never played, and has a low win rate. We felt that gaining a card from the opponent’s deck makes it far more appealing, while ensuring that your opponent can’t use it to deck you.
  • Mystic Array - cost reduced to 4
    • Formerly cost 5
    • This spell randomly targets enemy units, walls and the stronghold, making it more difficult to play effectively. This reduction puts it in-line with Howling Gale and other randomly targeted spells, while maintaining decent stronghold damage if the player can clear the battlefield of enemy units.
  • Grave Touch – cost increased to 3.
    • Formerly cost 2
    • Direct Damage is really strong in the current meta, and this being an unaligned card, that essentially costs 1 mana is broken. It is showing up in way too many decks and gives the owner a massive swing. We are trying to pull back on unaligned Direct Damage cards, and found this one to be the largest offender.
  • Crosswinds – cost increased to 4.
    • Formerly cost 3
    • This card had a 72% win rate, which set off all sorts of alarms. Giving all of your units Sprint, in conjunction with Flight, made for some brutal OTK strategies. There are counters, but with a win-rate so high we had to do something to dial it back.
  • Gajji Necromancer - Choose One: SPAWN: Deploy a 1/1 Stygian in each open space in Ally Territory. -or- SPAWN: Grant all Ally Stygians in play +1/+1.
    • Formerly: SPAWN: Deploy a 1/1 Stygian in each open space in Ally Territory.
    • We have received constant feedback on this Champion, and because Eclipse has one of the worst win percentages, we wanted to give their basic Champion an advantage. This also adds more flavor to Stygian strategies.
  •  Soul Foundry – cost decreased to 2.
    • Formerly cost 3
    • We reduced this cards cost to give this basic card more value.



  • Fixed an issue with examining and canceling examine of a last-played card affecting menu functionality
  • Fixed swipe up not toggling examine on Gear
  • Fixed examining a fort first when examining a tile with both a unit and a fort
  • Fixed bug with Ether Blast and Stealthed units
  • Fixed bug when accepting an invite before loading into the main menu
  • Fixed “Error Retrieving Rewards” bugs that do not result in rewards being credited to account.
  • Fixed Foe Shard vfx hang on Gear VR
  • Fixed Armor icon being removed when Conscription is cast on an Armor unit
  • Fixed price encoding issue in non-US regions.
  • Fixed rare desync with Skirmish Mover and Dynamic Cluster
  • Fixed tiny text when receiving both gold and hitting the daily max at the same time
  • Fixed daily max text not showing up when the game is already started at max
  • Fixed Darkspring Dryads not getting pushed by Mystic Mine
  • Fix for Terra Whale being affected by traps it destroys
  • Fix for Giants not teleporting properly


Update as of January 17th, 2017

Updates and Additions:

  • Release Essence Faction.
  • Background online content download during tutorials implemented for GearVR
  • "Win Streak!" added on the Rewards Screen if the player has a win streak.
  • Skip tutorials when coming into game from an outside source
  • Updated Concede Text to explain the player will lose rewards


Card Changes:

  • Healing Grove now heals 2 (was heal 1).
  • Rainbow Mists now costs 5 (was cost 6).
  • Bark Druids now have 2 Health (was 1 health).
  • Accelerator fort cost reduced to 3 (was cost 4).
  • Makes Heavy Ordnance non-Giant (was Giant and non-Giant).


Desyncs and Crash Fixes:

  • Druid Arachnis Riders failing to respawn at the same time as another respawn unit dying no longer causes desync
  • Revealing a stealthed card on targeting in single player no longer causes desync
  • Conscription being cast on Five Star General no longer causes desync
  • Overdraw by both players with Rats of Rous and Repurpose no longer causes desync
  • Paging in card collection with Find Similar button highlighted no longer causes crash


General Fixes:

  • Using Volcanic Eruption with enemy units stealthed no longer causes a hang
  • Fix for progression stopper when immediately backing out after selecting initial faction
  • Fix for Heavy Ordnance giving range indefinitely
  • Fix for interaction between Tempest Minelayer and Plague Mine
  • Fix “Waiting For Server” bug on new accounts
  • No longer lose the name of the deck if you start editing and back out without changes
  • Fix for carpet bombing not showing up correctly for the opponent
  • If the stealth champion gets revealed on spawn, it is revealed for the opponent after it is added in the last played card queue.
  •  Fixed High Command “Rank Pending”
  • Fix for the Friends Chat Only button display not updating properly when toggled


Visual Improvements:

  • Scales Lock on Gear VR no longer appears black / unlit
  • Fix for fort activation VFX happening when destroyed by Flash Flood
  • Added a damage projectile and corrected ordering of events for Soul Foundry VFX
  • Fix for armor icon showing up black on gear VR
  • Added muzzle flashes for Gear VR
  • Stronghold Damage shields now properly indicate the lane from which damage is dealt
  • Fix to prevent Steamwing Bomber from appearing untextured
  • Fixed card exhaustion vfx
  • Added the Giant Icon to the card


Update as of January 3rd, 2017

Special scrap values for the following cards has ended:

  • Volcanic Eruption
  • Chain Lightning
  • Tempest Zeppelins

Update as of December 20th, 2016


  • HAPPY HOLIDAYS!---Double XP Weekend planned from December 24th- December 25th
  • HAPPY HOLIDAYS!---Double GOLD Weekend planned from December 31st-January 1st
  • Cards nerfed in this patch are worth their FORGE value in scrap for the next two weeks (Until January 3rd, 2017)! *note: bonus scrap gained may not visually update immediately
  • New content will be announced soon, so stay tuned!

Card Changes:

  • Volcanic Eruption (Strife) – Removed the Stronghold damage from its effect.

  • Chain Lightning (Strife) – Reduced Stronghold damage this card inflicts to 2.

  • Tempest Zeppelins (Unaligned) – Reduced Power to 4.

  • Sigil of the Tempest (Eclipse) – Reduced the mana cost of this card to 0.

    • This card change is a strength improvement, so there is no scrap award.

Update as of December 13th, 2016

  • Circle of Life (Thorns) changed to DRAW 1 for each card you discard.
  • Big Bertha no longer stuns itself
  • Quick Mute now mutes you as well as your opponent
  • Quick Mute feature resets at the beginning of each new game


Update as of November 29, 2016

UI/Visual bug fixes

  • Small correction to positioning of Health Widget in some cases
  • Fixed Champion orbs spawning when fatigue damage is absorbed by a Stronghold Apostle
  • Occasional character death issues should be resolved (visual and programmatic)
  • Corrected occasional black screen issue that could occur when looking at objects occluded by a dialogue box
  • Rare In-game black screen bug for GearVR fixed


  • Playing a card that was returned to the hand will no longer play death animation on second spawning
  • GearVR: attack animation improvements

Abilities/ Desync Fixes

  • Hush should now reveal Stealth units
  • Fixed desync issues with Stealth Traps
  • Fixed desync issues with Stealth units spawning from a Warden Transport
  • Fixed desync issues with Union and Stealth interactions
  • Abilities should no longer move units on top of friendly Stealth units
  • Fixing fort spawning for occupied spaces when cards should allow such forts to be placed
  • Units should now lose abilities gained only while a card is in play when written as such when said card is removed from the game
  • Improved reveal cases for Stealth units
  • Fixing reveal events when placing a fort or unit on top of a stealth unit

Specific Card Fixes

  • Netherworld Traversal: Units can successfully move through Stealth units
  • Dragon’s Warning: should now correctly place forts as written on card text
  • Amon Dusk no longer buffs units once he dies
  • Underestimated: fixing Blight Ghosts and Vengeful Ghosts returning to hand properly
  • Fixing rare interaction with respawn units and the Tempest Minelayer not interacting properly
  • Card Update: From the Shadows now costs 4 mana.


Various localization corrections (spelling and grammar)

New Feature

Decks now display the Champion in the deck when perusing a deck to play in lobby

Version 1.0

Update as of November 17, 2016


  • New Faction: SILENCE, Now Available!
  • In- Game Quick Mute Feature Added (Rift only currently)
    • Added a Quick Mute "button" in game that appears during multiplayer matches
    • When player hovers over the opponent's mask, a sound icon appears above the mask.  Player can press the "Select" button to toggle their microphone.
    • Quick Mute starts on or off based on the player’s chat settings in the Audio Options menu.
  • Multiple Booster packs can be opened more quickly
    • Allow for opening multiple boosters w/o going back to main menu
    • After revealing booster cards and displaying the "Added to Collection" banner, the booster pack enters a new phase where the player can choose to either open another pack or back out to the main menu.
  • Added queue Time estimates
  • Added Card Lore (flavor text) to in-game examinations
  • Added Mission Expiration—Missions now expire after 5 days


General Improvements:

  • Matchmaking and P2P Improvements
  • Server Stability Improvements
  • Bug, Crash, and Desync Fixes
  • UI improvements
  • Gear VR Performance Improvements
  • Art updates
  • AI improvements
  • Various card text cleanups
  • Friend Invite Improvements
  • Localization Updates
  • Gear VR VFX improvements


Notable Improvements:

  • Gear users can play through tutorial before having to download online content
  • Players no longer appear to lose rank for friend matches
  • Draws no longer affect win streak
  • Graphic fixes to reduce shimmering
  • Level of Detail art change--Increased texture size for examined cards
  • Fix for Grave Touch not displaying the correct mana after use
  • Fix for Power Funnel not showing the correct number of health orbs
  • Fix for Divebomb Griffin not dealing bonus damage against strongholds
  • Fix for Darkspring Dryads not appearing when spawned
  • Fix for Secret Door trying to teleport a unit on top of a wall
  • Fix for Fortify not blocking damage at the end of your opponent's turn
  • Fix for desync with Blight Ghosts, Shade Thaumaturge, and an empty deck
  • Fix for stats visibly resetting before the death animation finishes
  • Fixed issue causing level 50 Thorns mask to appear blurry to user
  • Reduces scale of mutated mongrel for GearVR
  • Add Stronghold Destruction Hit Effect to GearVR


Card Balance Changes:

  •  Druid Arachnis Riders – Mana cost raised to 3. Functionality changed to, "DEATH: Grant +1/+1 to all Druids in your hand. RESPAWN a random Druid from your hand at no cost."
  • Snipe – Mana cost lowered to 0.
  • Secret Door – Functionality now includes ally and enemy units.
  • Inferno Totem – Functionality changed to, "Any damage from spells or forts taken by ally units occupying this fort HEAL those units instead."
  • Druid Land Warden - Health changed to 4.
  • Tempest "Despair" Tanks - Health reduced to 2.
  • Tempest Artillery - Power reduced to 5.
  • Cultivation – Functionality changed to, “When either player discards a card, grant Target Ally Unit +1/+1.
  • War Cultist- rarity changed to common.
  • Doom Tank- rarity changed to epic. Mana cost was raised to 7.
  • Skullsmash Steamroller - Power changed to 4.
  • Secret Door - Functionality changed so all units can use its ability.
  • Forest Wisps - Stat change to 2/1/1. Functionality change to, "Unit gains +1/+1 whenever an enemy unit enters Ally Territory."
  • Gaazer the Wretched- FLIGHT if the enemy champion is in play gain +3/+3