Dragon Front

Dragon Front is an immersive collectible card game battler available now on Oculus Rift, Gear VR, and Facebook Gameroom (September 2017) from High Voltage Software Inc. Construct your deck and challenge online opponents or conquer the world in the single player Campaign Mode. The 4x4 grid battlefield is alive with mobile squads, rampaging giants, intimidating war machines, soaring projectiles, and fire-breathing bombing runs. Mobilize atop your stronghold and launch your forces across the frontlines - history is about to won!


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Deity: Mimmir, the Dragon's Fire

The Lands of Strife

  • Population: Approximately 10 million

  • Capital: Korrad Dur

  • Governing Body: The Dragon Tyranny

    • Tor the Relentless has risen to Champion status despite not being a dragon

  • Notable Locations: The Great Keep of Korrad Dur, the Forge Pits of Nymeer, Marshalling Grounds of Giant’s Pass, Deep Tunnels of the Westlands

The territory of Strife rests on the northwestern edge of Terrene Gall.  Here, amidst volcanic upheaval and earthquakes, the followers of Mimmir make their homes.  The goblins and slags that infest the area have little trouble breathing the poisonous air.  They are nearly without end, each seeing Tor, the Relentless, as their great example of Mimmir’s blessings.

When the great Warden Empire broke apart, Mimmir rallied the goblins and slags, always at the fringe of civilization.  This horde swept through the lands, driving the citizenry of the empire south, toward the forests of Thorns.  The castle at Korrad Dur, one of the most ancient structures on Terrene Gall, set a border against this bloodthirsty army.  But the bloodshed had already served its purpose. 

The dragons, hearing the cries of suffering, finally woke from their millennia-long slumber.  The great wyrms of old rose, tearing apart the lands as they clawed forth from long-buried nests.  The Giant’s Pass, a tenuous divide between what would become Scales and Strife in the Rage Mountains, shook and opened as one of the massive dragons rose.  Long-dormant volcanoes roared to life with the dragons, and ancient magick, strong and unknowable, warped the land and its inhabitants into twisted parodies of mortal forms.

Today, the Great Keep of Korrad Dur still stands as the seat of power.  There, Rynoxxys, the Unruled, once cast down for challenging the Gods, controls the knights of old.  No longer the stalwarts of mankind, they have fallen and become demon-worshippers, calling forth dark powers from beyond.  The keep looms over the border with Thorns to the South, and the Rage Mountains cut an imposing barrier between Strife and the rest of the world to the East.  Only Giant’s Pass and those brave enough to scale the jagged peaks of the mountains can cross freely.

Strife counts everyone as an enemy, and they find glory in battle and sacrifice.  Their shared border with Thorns makes them natural opponents, and the constant battle at Giant’s Pass shows that they have little in the way of self-regard.  Their goal, however, is to press forward to the Ether Mines far to the East.  There, the dragons promise, enough power rests to forge Strife into an unstoppable force.

The Champions of Strife

The Champions of Strife are not the devoted servants of their God that the other factions possess. In fact, Rynoxxys the Unruled gained its title by challenging the Gods’ supremacy in halcyon days. That said, Mimmir’s blessing has increased their return to power, and they seek to return to dominance in Terrene Gall.

The Baron and Cleo

The Baron and Cleo

Dual Faction Champion; Strife and Essence
Release November 21, 2017 (8 of 21)

Long ago, Cleo, a celestial, and The Baron, a demon, fell in love.  This love was roundly forbidden, and the two were pulled back to their respective lands, exchanging halos as a token of their eternal love. They both fled their prisons for Terrene Gall where they faced legions trying to divide them. 

The Baron and Cleo know their love will mean death, but after centuries of waiting, they won't let anyone get in their way.  They die together or not at all.




Dual Faction Champion; Strife and Delirium
Release October 24, 2017 (4 of 21)

Entropy was born from the nightmares of dragons.  When the great wyrms of legend dreamt, their nightmares gave rise to Entropy.  This dragon feeds on the souls of those around it, whether living or dead, and turns that energy back on itself.

The Last Calamity

The Last Calamity

The Last Calamity

Conquest Story Mode Boss Champion

Mimmir’s ambition burns brightly.  To bring his plans to fruition, you must quicken a dragon egg.  Lead the slag armies and the draconic champions to war and use the energies unleashed by the war to hatch this final dragon.

Bring the world under the lash of Mimmir and unleash the roar of the Last Calamity!


Cradle of Nymeer

Cradle of Nymeer

Basic Deck Champion

Nymeer was once a dragon of light and divine power, respected by all.  Now, however, it has fallen far from those times.  Almost none recall what drove the Cradle to twist into this rampaging, fiery form, but most assume it had to do with the banishing of the Celestials.  Over centuries, this rage has grown, and now, the burning, hate-filled Cradle of Nymeer is all that remains.

Gaazer the Wretched

Gaazer the Wretched

The great hunter of dragon-kind, Gaazer refuses to feed on anything but “worthy” prey.  His massive wingspan can spread across entire armies, and his eternally burning skin makes him an imposing sight.  While his battle prowess is legendary, it is said that has little interest in battling “lessers.”  He gathers power from those he kills, storing it against the day when he can devour Mimmir and take his place.

Rynoxxys the Unruled

Rynoxxys the Unruled

In a long forgotten time, Rynoxxys challenged the Gods.  The massive beast flew to their meeting place, far beyond mortal eyes, and washed them in its fiery breath.  The chaos and destruction was massive, but in the end, Rynoxxys was defeated, its wings torn away and destroyed.  For centuries, Rynoxxys has waited, not slumbering, but snatching those it could beneath the earth and sacrificing them to the demon lords.  In return, they have restored the wings of Rynoxxys, who has vowed to have its vengeance on those that defeated it so long ago.

Tor the Relentless

Tor the Relentless

The greatest of the Slags was once a joke amongst the dragons.  He would challenge them to combat, constantly.  They would scoff at the puny creature’s efforts, waving him off and steering him back toward the endless battle at Giant’s Pass.  Eventually, however, his persistence and obvious skill in battle impressed the dragons.  Nezzan, the Hundred-Handed, Dragon-Lord of the Deepest Reaches, answered the challenge.  The battle lasted days, but when Tor emerged from the tunnels, coated in the blood of Nezzan, Mimmir raised the slag from warrior to Champion.  

The Armies of Strife

Four main forces exist to serve the dragons of Strife.  This massive horde is hardly a seamless whole, but instead is constantly vying for power by raiding and attacking each other.

The Demon Kin

The demons are a twisted mix of lizard-like creature mixed with the powers of hellfire gained from their obeisance to the fires that rage in the great Forges of Nymeer and the Pits of the Herald at Korrad Dur.  They have great power, and bathe in the great fires of the dragons.  They are more likely to be found as officers or captains in armies, given their generally higher intellect.  But make no mistake, they are every bit as bloodthirsty as the slags.

  • Example Unit: Knights of Korrad Dur

Knights of Korrad Dur

The Dragon Souls

When the dragons rose, the lesser kin to the dragons, drakes, sparks, and other minor dragons, rose with them.  Many swore allegiance to the great dragons, and serve in the horde of Mimmir.  They are intelligent, perhaps moreso than most give them credit for, but they are seen as pretenders and children, little respected in the army.

  • Example Unit: Drake Scavengers

Drake Scavengers


Natives to the volcanic lands, the goblins and slags have existed for centuries, but never showed any inclination toward anything other than war.  They seem to relish killing, and seem to regard their inevitable deaths at the hands of friend and foe alike as little more than an inconvenience.  They breed endlessly in the older lava flumes of Strife, and seem to be without limit.

  • Example Unit: Sallow Goblins

Sallow Goblins


The barbaric hordes of Strife were engineered for war.  Even before the Second Great War began, these warlike savages attacked local strongholds and settlements to test their war machines.  When Mimmir gained control over their kind, he pushed them toward the Ether Mines, promising endless power with their capture.  Now, the war for the East is all they know, and those that cease fighting are fed to their dragon champions.

  • Example Unit: Slag Warmonger


Slag Warmonger