Dragon Front

Dragon Front is an immersive collectible card game battler available now on Oculus Rift, Gear VR, and Facebook Gameroom (September 2017) from High Voltage Software Inc. Construct your deck and challenge online opponents or conquer the world in the single player Campaign Mode. The 4x4 grid battlefield is alive with mobile squads, rampaging giants, intimidating war machines, soaring projectiles, and fire-breathing bombing runs. Mobilize atop your stronghold and launch your forces across the frontlines - history is about to won!


Deity: Syth, the Blind Watcher

The Lands of Silence

  • Population: Approximately 1 million

  • Capital: None (formerly Steelgate)

  • Governing Body: None

    • The Viper Empress, Old Man of the Mountain, Steelgate Legacy and Amon Dusk all share control over a loose alliance of various groups.

  • Notable Locations: The Ruins of Steelgate, Bhatoun Oasis, the Royal Crèche, the Sacred Peaks

Steelgate was one of the most magnificent and oldest cities of Terrene Gall.  When Eclipse moved in force into the city, the Kingdom of Scales responded by sending a mercenary army.  After negotiations between Eclipse and Scales broke down, the city of Steelgate was destroyed over the course of two weeks through constant bombardment.  This siege brought the Second Great War to the walls of Steelgate, long held as neutral ground.

The Elven people evacuated, seeking refuge at Bhatoun Oasis, where an agreement was struck with the four great Champions of Silence.  The Steelgate Legacy, twisted and warped by vengeance, entrusted the safety of the Elves to the others and pressed into the lands of Eclipse and Scales, destroying any who had a hand in the downfall of Steelgate.

Now, Silence is forced into war.  The aggression of Eclipse and Scales, coupled with the assassinations perpetrated by the Steelgate Legacy, means that this new Silent Nation must rise.  It is early in the war for this new player, but the quiet anger of the desert people will be felt across the entire world.

To the North of the Shifting Sands, the Ether Mines continue to pump.  North of the ruins of Steelgate, the Marshlands of Sunken Hollows stretch for miles.  To the South of the capital, the No Man’s Land of Scales stands as a formidable barrier to most armies... but not to the quiet assassins of Silence.

The Champions of Silence

Arachnis King

Arachnis King

Arachnis King

Dual Faction Champion; Thorns and Silence
Release October 17, 2017 (3 of 21)

Long ago, the Arachnis King left the forests of Thorns.  He was pressed out by the expanding colony of arachnis, and left to find a new mate and new territory.  His journey took him to the lands of Silence where, over centuries, he adapted to the desert lands, becoming a perfect predator.  He burrows into the sands, waiting for foes, then striking with ruthless efficiency.

The August Sultan

The August Sultan

The August Sultan

Conquest Story Mode Boss Champion

With the fall of Steelgate, the denizens of the sands have forged themselves into a new nation.  Silence, led by the August Sultan, seeks to reclaim the heritage of its people.  When the Ancient Tomes fell into foreign hands, the Sultan commanded their recovery.

Find these artifacts of power and gain the loyalty of the August Sultan!

Steelgate Legacy

Steelgate Legacy

Basic Deck Champion

During the fall of Steelgate, the Grand Priestess of the Elven people remained behind.  Her efforts saved countless lives, as she used her powers and netherworld servants to hold the attackers at bay while refugees escaped through tunnels.  In the end, she was trapped beneath the ruins of the city, suffering a slow death alone amidst the wreckage of her temple.  When she died, her spirit infused with the remnants of Steelgate, twisting her into a netherworld spirit bent on avenging her flock.  Now she feels her way through Terrene Gall, seeking those responsible for the fall of Steelgate and murdering them.  Her anger is the anger of all the Elves, and her netherworld nature means she never rests.

Amon Dusk

Amon Dusk

Amon Dusk has been an assassin for hire for nearly two decades.  Before the war, he was responsible for countless political killings, motivated only by money.  When Steelgate fell, he turned his efforts toward training his people, sharing the skills that made him a legend in the criminal underworld.  Now he hunts openly, killing those who threaten his people.  Those who find themselves on his list rarely meet a peaceful end.

Old Man of the Mountain

Old Man of the Mountain

The Old Man of the Mountain is an enigma.  Some think he is some Netherworld Shadow given form.  Others have heard he might be a druid that was cast out of the forests of Thorns for unknown reasons.  Whatever the truth, the Old Man of the Mountain is renowned for his ability to strike at those who would attack his lands.

Viper Empress

Viper Empress

The royal matron of the August Skin, the Viper Empress represents a different breed of lizard-person than the Elves were used to seeing.  Hidden deep in the Shifting Sands, the Viper Empress rules from the Royal Crèche, and is far more martially capable than the servile lizardfolk.  With her emergence, other warriors of the August Skin have joined the battle against those that defile their lands.

The Armies of Silence

The people of Silence have three primary groups.  While the multicultural nature of Steelgate means that this nation often has assistance from a wider swath of people than most, these groups compose the bulk of Silence’s forces.

Elven Mystics

Elves have always been able to communicate with the Netherworld and before the Global Wars; they were used to speak with ancestral souls. In matter of speaking, the Elves were monks and scribes that recorded the historical information.  Now, those Elves that survived the initial attacks have resorted to using their abilities to barter with ancient souls, both as a means of survival, and to protect the history they have collected.

  • Example Unit: Elvish Displacer

Elvish Displacer

Netherworld Shadows

These shades, ghosts, and spirits of powerful champions reside in the Netherworld, most forgotten to all but the elves of Silence, who employ them through infernal contracts and promises to fulfill unfinished business on Earth.  Most shades are tricked by the occult powers of Eclipse, and are bound to Stygian and Tempest designs, but the more powerful spirits are free, and serve to destroy Eclipse.

  • Example Unit: Netherworld Partisan

Netherworld Partisan

The August Skin

This lizard race has always worked for the City of Steelgate, taking an oath to the Elven Mystics, whom they see as gods.  The Elven Mystics humbly use this self-imposed slave race as research assistants, laborers, and in modern times, poison manufacturers.  These sturdy warriors learn from the Mystics, and tolerate the heat and arid deserts that their masters populate.  When the Elven Mystics move their base of operations, it is up to these servants to carry and reassemble the makeshift structures in a new secure location.

  • Example Unit: Scaled Martyr


Scaled Martyr