Dragon Front

Dragon Front is an immersive collectible card game battler available now on Oculus Rift, Gear VR, and Facebook Gameroom (September 2017) from High Voltage Software Inc. Construct your deck and challenge online opponents or conquer the world in the single player Campaign Mode. The 4x4 grid battlefield is alive with mobile squads, rampaging giants, intimidating war machines, soaring projectiles, and fire-breathing bombing runs. Mobilize atop your stronghold and launch your forces across the frontlines - history is about to won!

Frequently Asked Questions


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Does Dragon Front store any Personally Identifying Information about me?

We store your USER ID to save your progress. This could potentially be personally identifiable information. If you would prefer we not store this information, please contact support@high-voltage.com. Please be aware that logging back into Dragon Front after your USER ID is removed will result in our system storing your USER ID again, as it is vital to major game functions. Should you decide you wish to play Dragon Front again in the future, despite the storing of your USER ID, none of your gameplay progress will be lost.

Why are my cards missing and/or I'm experiencing crashes after Update (GearVR)

Some legacy Gear VR players will experience this bug if their update did not mount the proper file. This issue is easily solved by simply uninstalling and reinstalling Dragon Front.

Why am I receiving a 999 or a 1099 error while trying to login? I'm seeing "Error cannot verify account" or similar.

If you're receiving this error, you are most likely trying to sign in during our Tuesday Scheduled Maintenance period. We are updating the servers, the build, and verifying the stability of the game before opening it back up to our valued players. 

Typically this process takes about an hour, but sometimes updates with game updates and card changes can take 3-4 hours. We appreciate your patience during this update process as it is essential for keeping the game alive and well.

When there are update notes associated with a maintenance window, they are posted both on the Oculus Dragon Front Forum as well as on the Update Notes section of this website.

What is causing the audio issues when I'm using Bluetooth Headphones with my Gear VR?

Gear VR and the Oculus app do not support Bluetooth Headphones and can cause unpleasant audio issues in Dragon Front. This is a hardware issue, and is not directly controllable by the Dragon Front team. Disconnecting the Bluetooth Headset should resolve this issue. If you experience audio issues apart from using Bluetooth Headphones, please email our support staff at Support@high-voltage.com.

What is Conquest? How do I unlock more levels? What do I win?

Conquest Mode is Dragon Front's single-player story gameplay mode. There are 7 Conquests, one for each of the 7 factions. Each Conquest has 6 campaigns consisting of 5 battles each. That's 30 battles per faction and 210 battles total!

You must own a faction to unlock that faction's Conquest. After the first campaign in each conquest, each additional campaign costs 600 gold to unlock. Real-world currency can also be used to unlock campaigns.

Each successfully completed campaign (group of 5 battles) earns you one booster. Each successfully completed Conquest (6 campaigns/ 30 battles) earns the Boss Champion card for the corresponding faction.


Learn more about all game modes on the Game Modes page.

What are these swirling portals in the main menu? Why do they disappear?

These new swirling portals take you to the multiplayer screen. Win 20 battles within this portal and receive exclusive champions or other hard-to-obtain units. The portals are only open twice a day for an hour each time, so take advantage of them when you find them!


Learn more about all game modes on the Game Modes page.

How do I get new cards?

You get cards through Booster Packs or Forging cards from Scrap. This forum post has detailed information on how to forge cards from scrap.

What does a booster pack/ scrap/ gold/ star/ Experience Point do and how do I earn it?

Booster Packs:

Each Booster Pack contains four cards, and is guaranteed to give at least one card that is rare or better or the equivalent scrap value. Booster Packs can be purchased with real-world currency or with 300 in-game gold.



Gold is acquired by playing online multiplayer matches. Winning a multiplayer match awards 30 gold. Losing a multiplayer match awards 10 gold, though conceding a match awards ZERO gold. Gold can be used to purchase Booster Packs of cards or to purchase new factions.



Scrap can be used to forge new cards of your choice. Scrap is earned either by destroying duplicate cards you receive in packs (this is done automatically by the system), or by manually discarding them for their scrap value. See this forum post for more information on how to scrap and forge cards.

Here is the scrap value for the card classifications:

  • Basic: Only available with the corresponding faction. Cannot be forged or scrapped.
  • Common: 50 scrap
  • Rare: 200 scrap
  • Epic: 400 scrap
  • Champion: 1600 scrap



Stars are necessary to climbing the Dragon Front ranks, and are won or lost by winning or losing multiplayer matches respectively.

  • Ranks 20 through 16 require 1 star to advance to the next rank
  • Ranks 15 through 11 require 2 stars to advance to the next rank
  • Ranks 10 through 5 require 3 stars to advance to the next rank
  • Ranks 4 through 1 require 4 stars to advance to the next rank


Experience Points (XP):

XP is awarded for making moves in-match. Leveling up your factions results in the following Leveling Up Rewards:

  • First Win= 1 booster
  • Level 3= 1 booster
  • Level 5= 1 booster
  • Level 10= Faction Mask
  • Level 20= 500 Gold
  • Level 30= 750 Gold
  • Level 40= 1,000 Gold
  • Level 50= Master Mask
  • Level 60= 5 boosters
  • Level 70= 5 boosters
  • Level 80= 10 boosters
  • Level 90= 10 boosters
  • Level 99= 5000 Gold

What are Ranks, and do Ranks matter?

Ranks improve in reverse numerical order from Rank 20-Rank 1. After Rank 1 you enter HIGH COMMAND. Your Rank in HIGH COMMAND is equivalent to your world leader board ranking (coming soon). 

Reaching a higher rank makes you eligible for increasingly fabulous prizes at the end of each season. Seasons and Prizes are outlined in the next section.

What are Seasons, and do Seasons matter?

Rank seasons end at Midnight UTC on the last day of the month. Ranks earned during the season are reset the next time you log in, and the climb to High Command begins again! Rewards like gold, packs, and stars (used to advance in the ranks) are awarded based on the rank you earned in the previous season.

End of Season Rank
Gold Awarded
Scrap Awarded
Boosters Awarded
Stars Awarded
High Command 1000 1000 5 15
1 800 800 3 15
2 700 700 3 15
3 600 600 3 15
4 500 500 3 15
5 400 400 3 15
6 350 350 2 15
7 325 325 2 15
8 300 300 2 15
9 275 275 2 13
10 250 250 2 11
11 225 225 1 9
12 200 200 1 7
13 175 1275 1 5
14 150 150 1 4
15 125 125 1 3
16 100 100 0 2
17 75 75 0 1
18 50 50 0 0
19 25 50 0 0
20 0 0 0 0

How do I earn mana?

At the beginning of every turn you get 1 mana for each square on your spawn row that has a unit in it, plus 1 additional mana point. Giants get one for each space they occupy (2). Stealthed units do not get mana while stealthed. 

Remember to keep some units in your spawn row to gain mana. When units are killed, many return a certain amount of mana back to you. See unit description and look for the little blue crystals.

Why would I bank mana on my champion?

Knowing the above, you can also give extra or unneeded mana to your champion. You can only hold 10 mana at once.

Each time your stronghold takes damage, the cost of your champion will go down the same amount, however banking mana will allow you to play it earlier.

What happens when I run out of cards to draw, but the game isn't over?

You start with 5 cards in your hand and 25 in your draw deck for a total of 30 cards. You can hold a maximum of 10 cards in your hand at once. Once you draw more than the 25 cards in your draw deck, you are overdrawn and will see a negative number in place of your cards. Each turn after that will cause you to lose stronghold health the amount of the number you see.

How much gold can I earn in a day and when does the daily gold restriction rollover?

You can earn 300 gold from multiplayer matches in one day--enough for one booster pack. Gold earned from special boss masks or Daily Quests do not count toward this limitation. 

The Daily Gold limitation resets at Midnight UTC/ GMT.

What are Daily Quests? How can I skip a Daily Quest? I finished my Daily Quests. When will I see more of them?

Daily Quests are a set of three challenges given to players in a 24 hour period that can earn 120 gold that does not count toward the daily gold limit.

Daily Quests cannot be manually skipped in-game, but will automatically skip if they are not completed within 5 days of being presented.

Daily Quests are on a 24 hour cycle. You will receive a new Daily Quest in place of any completed quests 24 hours after it was first offered to you.

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