Dragon Front

Dragon Front is an immersive collectible card game battler available now on Oculus Rift, Gear VR, and Facebook Gameroom (September 2017) from High Voltage Software Inc. Construct your deck and challenge online opponents or conquer the world in the single player Campaign Mode. The 4x4 grid battlefield is alive with mobile squads, rampaging giants, intimidating war machines, soaring projectiles, and fire-breathing bombing runs. Mobilize atop your stronghold and launch your forces across the frontlines - history is about to won!


Dual Faction Champions

Dual Faction Champions owe their allegiane to two distinct factions. There are 21 Dual Champions that will be released week by week beginning October 3rd, 2017. Next set of Champions will be revealed October 31st.


Set 1: Announced October 3, 2017


Etwas the Jester

Factions: Scales and Delirium
Release: October 3, 2017
Availability: Now forgable!

Etwas was the Jester for the old King-Priest of Scales.  When that ruler died long into his years and his son, the Bard King ascended to the throne, the Jester was set aside, as the Bard King could entertain his own guests.  Dejected, the Jester was determined to find new sources of inspiration and traveled into the lands of Essence, seeking the forbidden libraries.  There, she found ancient rites meant to breach barriers to alternate worlds.  Her experimentation with these powers left her changed, broken, and a touch off.



Factions: Eclipse and Essence
Release: October 9, 2017
Availability: Now forgable!

Thu and Balris, most often seen as a single entity, was once a dying bog dragon.  In its quest for life eternal, it sought to immerse itself in the ether mines of Essence.  Once inside, the soul of the dragon was pulled from its body, but forever bound to its flesh.  This white, beautiful spirit is now forever entwined with the rotting and desiccated flesh.  The result is Thu, the soaring serpent, and Balris, the corpse lizard.  Together, as they must always be together, they create the form of Thu`Balris. 


Arachnis King

Factions: Thorns and Silence
Release: October 17, 2017
Availability: Now forgable!

Long ago, the Arachnis King left the forests of Thorns.  He was pressed out by the expanding colony of arachnis, and left to find a new mate and new territory.  His journey took him to the lands of Silence where, over centuries, he adapted to the desert lands, becoming a perfect predator.  He burrows into the sands, waiting for foes, then striking with ruthless efficiency.



Factions: Strife and Delirium
Release: October 24, 2017
Availability: Now forgable!

Entropy was born from the nightmares of dragons.  When the great wyrms of legend dreamttheir nightmares gave rise to Entropy.  This dragon feeds on the souls of those around it, whether living or dead, and turns that energy back on itself.

Valeria of Crowns

Factions: Scales and Essence
Release: October 31, 2017
Availability: Available now!

Lady Valeria, Dowager Duchess of Hereford and Ether Bluffs is formerly minor royalty of Essence Lands.  Her marriage to the Duke of Hereford solidified the trade alliance between Scales and Essence for Ether supplies to keep the forges of Red Rock running.  When her husband was killed during a zeppelin flight home, the Duchess inherited both lands.  She has maintained the alliance between the two kingdoms, despite the trade deal being canceled by Essence.

Set 2: Announced October 31st, 2017



Factions: Eclipse and Silence
Release: November 7, 2017
Availability: Just released!

By title, she is the daughter of two ancient gorgons of the desert.  But from birth, she was crippled, incapable of flight.  Over centuries, she sought ways to gain the abilities of her parents, eventually, seeking aid from the Tempest Construction Yards.  She has been promised flight when she lays the last living soul to rest at the feet of the Chaos Constructor.


M'rhythas Shae

Factions: Thorns and Delirium
Release: November 24, 2017
Availability: Coming soon!

When the portals of madness tore across the lands of Terrene Gall, it did so near a powerful Druid.  M’rhythas Shae, once a great Druid of the Bark, was corrupted by the otherworldly influence, changing her and shattering her mind.  Now she roams the forests, twisting and reshaping nature around her into the slime-like form that she inherited.

Baron and Cleo 1.png

The Baron and Cleo

Factions: Strife and Essence
Release: November 21, 2017
Availability: Coming soon!

Long ago, Cleo, a celestial, and The Baron, a demon, fell in love.  This love was roundly forbidden, and the two were pulled back to their respective lands, exchanging halos as a token of their eternal love. They both fled their prisons for Terrene Gall where they faced legions trying to divide them. 

The Baron and Cleo know their love will mean death, but after centuries of waiting, they won't let anyone get in their way.  They die together or not at all.



Factions: Scales and Silence
Release: November 28, 2017
Availability: Coming soon!

Lady, also known as the Mistress of the Sands, feeds on Netherworld energy that bleeds into Terrene Gall through untended portals and rifts.  She is said to be the mother of all manner of lizard and dragon, but few know if this is true or not.  She has found a way to gestate life through leeching energy from the netherworld, and has remained alone for centuries, hidden far beneath the sands of Steelgate.  When the city was destroyed, it destabilized the portals from which she fed, forcing her back to the surface and world of man.


Factions: Eclipse and Delirium
Release: December 5, 2017
Availability: Coming soon!

The Blackstar is a ghostly form that barely exists in our reality.  It is said that it was formed at the outset of creation, when the gods created the notions of life and death.  In this ancient time, the nightmare energies twisted the soul into the Blackstar, the Light that Never Shone.  The Blackstar is a pulsing, radiant blue-tinged whirlpool that drifts and ripples with motes of energy of all colors and type.  At the center is a great, unblinking eye that stares maddeningly into the void.

set 3: announced December 5th