Dragon Front

Dragon Front is an immersive collectible card game battler built for Virtual Reality and available now on Oculus Rift and Gear VR. Construct your deck and challenge online opponents. The entire 4x4 grid battlefield is alive with mobile squads, rampaging giants, intimidating war machines, soaring projectiles, and fire-breathing bombing runs. Mobilize atop your stronghold and launch your forces across the frontlines - history is about to won!



Origin: Xilith, the Dream Devourer

The Lands of Delirium

  • Population: Unknown

  • Capital: N/A

  • Governing Body: Tyrant, the Divine Fear

    • There is no “ruling council”.  Delirium is as often at odds with itself as it is with anything else – there is, however, rumor of a great being, invested with the power of the starlings and stitched for the dreams of the insane.

  • Notable Locations: The Void Portal, Jade City, the Great Project

To understand Delirium, once must understand history before time.  In the most ancient tomes and fevered dreams, scholars speak of the First Forms.  Older than the gods, older than time itself, these First Forms set about creating the very concepts upon which our reality is constructed.  Most often, when we refer to these beings, we use the term Celestials.  But this is not entirely accurate.
There were the beings we refer to as Celestials, those who imposed order and defined our reality.  These were the beings that were the true shapers of our multiverse.  These are the ones the gods rebelled against.  The true Celestials were beings so immensely powerful that the gods, themselves, had to work together to resist them.  But the Celestials were not the only First Forms.
There were others: beings that gloried in the undefined primordial mass; beings that reveled in formlessness, in chaos.  These creatures fed on the energy of possibility.  With the multiverse established an orderly, they were locked into forms, or cast far from reality.  These beings stare upon the face of creation and seek a return to the extinction.  At the center, if such can be said of them, is a great urge given thought: Xilith, the Dream Devourer.  Not a god, but older than the gods; where it looks, there is nothing left to see.  Xilith is extinction, itself.
The Southern edge of Terrene Gall is where Delirium has established its beachhead.  The great Void Portal hangs south of the now-terraformed ruins of Jade City, where the Hollows once made their homes.  To the East of the city, along the coastlines, is the Great Project, where bizarre machines harvest living creatures of all types and force them to dream the nightmares that Delirium uses to fashion their forms.  The jungles of Thorns lies between Delirium and the rest of the factions, and it is only a matter of time before they begin their conquest of our world.

The Champions of Delirium

Grand Astronaut

Grand Astronaut

The greatest and most ancient of the Starlings, the Grand Astronaut drifts through the stars, broken by madness.  When the creepers find sentience, they call to him, and he directs the fleets of Delirium to their prey.  His mind is chained to the corpse of some great creature, and his rage is all that animates his form.  Usually one of the first to make its way to a new planet, the Grand Astronaut is often seen as the herald of the horrors to come.

The Architect

The Architect

The Architect is the tactician, if such can be said to exist, of Delirium.  It exists outside normal time, seeing the inevitability of all things.  The great terraforming projects that pave the way for the greater madnesses of Delirium are the labors of the Architect and its ilk.  It is said that the Architect is the broken mind of a Celestial, trapped at the final moments of existence and bent to the will of Xilith

Extinction Servant

Extinction Servant

Xilith, the Dream Devourer, seeks the end of all things.  Where its will manifests, an avatar of its self-destructive hunger is formed.  Extinction Servants are rare, but also a testament to the awareness of Xilith.  These great beasts do not have true consciousness, but are manifestations of the most wicked of the First Forms.

Time and Space

Time and Space

When lesser gods and Celestials came into contact with the First Forms, they were warped by the perceptions of these great beings.  Such is the history of Time and Space.  As the First Forms set about creating cosmic law, where those manifestations brushed against Delirium, the very concept became something else.  Time and Space is an ageless concept given form and bent to the nature of Delirium.

The Armies of Delirium

Delirium is chaotic and bizarre, but even they must obey logistics and conduct wars of extinction with some level of efficiency.  Their worshipers and those who have been twisted to serve their needs are varied and nightmarish, but it is important that you understand the nature of our true enemy.


When the Lords of Delirium look to harvest a world, the starlings are the ones that are sent to “prepare the landscape.”  These alien creatures are twisted servitors of extinction.  Whether they are mortal beings shaped by the First Forms in some twisted parody of the Celestials’ creation, or if they are a warped race of beings that serve extinction for their own ends, is unknown.  They are an advanced race of beings, capable of terraforming a world through the nightmares of its inhabitants, and can travel through the void of space to find new worlds to conquer.

  • Example Unit: Floating Star-Maw

Floating Star-Maw


Delirium “repurposes” those they conquer, reassembling flesh into grotesque shapes.  These cobbled-together forms are given a semblance of intelligence, often warped and twisted by the profound pain of the creation process.  These stitchers hunger only feel relief from this agony in death.

  • Example Unit: War Stitcher

War Stitcher


Aside from the stitchers, Delirium also finds loyal servants in those whose minds have been broken by madness.  Some act as gestation chambers for nightmarish creatures, while others descend into a murderous lust.  These madmen and sycophants were once proud beings, but have been twisted by the alien hungers of Delirium.

  • Example Unit: Armed Lunatics


Armed Lunatics